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My passion for creating beautiful dentures started in Harley Street in 1982 and with over 30 years' experience and more than 15,000 cases completed I am confident that a successful outcome is achievable, no matter how difficult and challenging the case may be.

I feel that communication is a vital component in providing the comprehensive service that is required by the modern dental team today and I am always available to discuss cases with clients, even after surgery hours if required.  Each case receives the attention to detail and meticulous planning it so rightly deserves including cobalt chrome design together with technical support and advice for the more complex cases involving implants or precision attachments.  By always using the best materials and latest techniques quality is assured and this has allowed me to provide an extended guarantee with every case completed using the Success Injection Moulding System.

It has been my experience that by providing this high level of expertise and commitment a significant saving can be made to your surgery time and subsequent costs.  Patients are happier and more confident with their new denture especially when they do not have to attend for repeat eases.

We all know that change can be difficult but the benefits often outweigh the risks, so however simple or complex your next case may be I am here to help.


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