Prosthetic Services

TPR Dental was founded in 1989 and has a solid client base throughout the South and West of England, built upon a strong belief in exceptional quality and customer service at all times.

Diamond 'D' Ultra High Impact Acrylic is used as standard.  The Success Injection System is used on many cases and creates a superior appliance.

All popular brands of teeth can be supplied and advice is available if required.  These include Enigma, Vitapan,Vivodent PE and Ivostar.


Acrylic Dentures

Cobalt Chrome Frameworks


Implant Retained Over Dentures

Gold Clasps

Tooth Coloured Clasps

Bleaching Trays

Bite Guards

Sports Mouthguards





Full Denture on mirror 2

 Pressure guage 1

Partial Chrome 1

Cad Cam Bar 1

Chrome with slide attachment 1